Turbo Boost System

We have Turboboost so you can evolve directly your character to Lv. MAX, saving your time from repetitive dungeons.

Turbo Boost

Exclusive sets

We are the number 1 server in content, with news in every patch; Not enough, the price of the donation is smaller, with more rewards than the others.

Pacotes visuais incríveis

Game modes

Choose between facing other players in PVP and prove you are the strongest or playing on their side in Mission Mode to defeat the monsters that threaten the world.

Modos de jogo

Customization Options

With hundreds of equipment and visual items, accessories and even pets, there are thousands of options to build your look.

Opções de personalização

Tokens disponíveis

09/06/2019 - Events

Token dado na Livestream do Cabral (08/06): 1DF55C3A-C172-42A1-B5C3-E569B6910B65 O mesmo possui: 2.880 Vp's e 1.000 Diamantes. (Validade 30 Dias)

Token dado na Livestream do Cabral (08/06): 9F78EEF8-D137-4F6F-BDBE-79B52B6B17AE O mesmo possui: 60 Pergaminhos de Abertura de Diamantes. (Validade 30 Dias)

Token dado na Livestream do Cabral (13/06): M82A1F8-D137-4F6F-B22E-79952B6B17AE O mesmo possui: 4 Chaves do Poder Especial, 2 Resetadores de Talento, 150 Moedas Épicas e 500 Vp's. (Validade 24 Horas)